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Radiesse is an injectable cosmetic product used to fill in deep facial folds and wrinkles. This dermal filler has been formulated to improve the structure of the skin by promoting the body's natural production of collagen, found naturally in the skin. As part of the aging process, the body's ability to produce collagen is lost. As the skin loses volume and flexibility, it sags into wrinkles. Radiesse gel contains tiny calcium-based spheres. Once injected, collagen forms around each sphere, increasing skin volume and restoring skin structure.

Is Radiesse right for me?

Radiesse is typically chosen by West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens area residents who are looking to reverse the visible signs of aging. They have noticed lines and wrinkles on their face, and wish their appearance looked younger, but aren't ready to commit to more invasive procedures such as facelift surgery. Radiesse can also be used to enhance the volume of the lips, cheeks, or chin, and is known for being effective on particularly deep facial folds like those running from the nose to the corners of the lips. Most adults in good overall health can receive dermal filler injections.

How much does Radiesse cost?

In the West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens area, Radiesse costs average $650 to $1,500 per treatment. This price is dependent on the number of syringes of product needed; most treatments require between one and three syringes.

How involved is the Radiesse procedure?

Dermal filler injections are administered in the doctor's office, and take just a few minutes. First, the skin is numbed with a topical cream or lidocaine. Then, the dermal filler solution is injected into the targeted areas of skin using a fine needle. Usually, several injections are needed during the treatment session, depending on the size of the targeted area. After these injections are administered, patients are free to leave immediately. Unlike most practices you do not see a PA, Dr. Kapp performs all Radiesse injections himself.

How long is the recovery after Radiesse?

After the injection process, most West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens area patients are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately. No bandages are needed, though you should avoid touching or rubbing the treated area for up to 12 hours. You may experience mild tenderness, swelling, or bruising for up to three days. Some results are visible immediately. As the injected solution stimulates the body's production of collagen, your wrinkles will continue to improve in appearance over the coming weeks. Many patients report that the results of their Radiesse injections remain visible for up to two years following the initial injection.

What should I do next?

Are you looking for a way to reduce the wrinkles and lines on your face? Radiesse injections can turn back the clock on aging, restoring a smoother facial appearance. To learn more about this treatment, call Dr. Kapp today at (561) 833-4022 or fill out our online form for your consultation.