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Mini Facelift

The “mini facelift” technique, also referred to as a “weekend facelift,” is a form of cosmetic surgery intended to enhance overall facial appearance through lifting and tightening the skin and muscles. This rhytidectomy technique can reduce sagging and wrinkles in the cheek and jawline area. It is popular among West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens area residents seeking to enhance their facial appearance while avoiding the recovery period associated with a full facelift.

Is a mini facelift right for me?

The mini facelift surgery was designed for patients who have begun to notice visible signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin, but aren't prepared to undergo more invasive forms of facelift surgery. Often, this procedure is ideal for busy professionals whose schedules will not allow significant time off for recovery. Most West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens area residents seeking the mini facelift are 35 to 55 years old and are seeking a surgical procedure that focuses on their cheeks and jowls.

How much does a mini face lift cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a mini facelift is around $5,000. Many patients in the West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens area opt for this technique because it is a less expensive alternative to the full facelift surgery.

How involved is the mini facelift procedure?

Mini Facelift surgery – known medically as rhytidectomy – is performed with general anesthesia, and take about two hours. Though they are less invasive than the full facelift surgery, it is important to remember that the weekend facelift is still a significant surgical procedure. First, small incisions are made in the face, usually behind the hairline or in natural skin folds. Then, the facial tissue is lifted, trimmed, and repositioned. Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures.

How long is the recovery after a mini face lift?

After a weekend facelift, most patients spend about a week recovering, and feel fully healed in under a month. Common side effects include bruising, redness, bleeding, tenderness, discomfort, and temporary skin numbness. Patients tend to be back to work in about a week. The results of this surgery are permanent, though your facial appearance continues to age naturally. Most mini facelift patients say that the results remain visible for up to ten years following surgery.

What should I do next?

Are you looking for a facial rejuvenation surgery that will reduce your wrinkles without requiring weeks of healing time? If so, a mini facelift may be right for you. Call Dr. Kapp today at (561) 833-4022 or fill out our online form for your consultation.